Our Process

The Nexidus Approach


Meet with your management team to understand and discuss your business goals and long term strategy.


We collaborate with purchasing, sales, and finance departments to understand and analyze historical and projected commodity input/output pricing and volumes.


We forecast commodity price and volume exposures for your organization. We use analytical models to forecast a range of scenarios to determine the most likely outcome for your commodity exposures and prices.


We work with your Executive team and critical stakeholders to determine and understand your organizations risk tolerance and further cement our understanding of the corporate strategy. We define and present options and strategies for managing your price risk. We calculate the expected exposure after incorporating the risk management strategy. We also work with your finance group to determine the impact of the strategy to your financial metrics.


We offer the ability to outsource the entire process or provide training and management solutions to key employees to execute the plan. We offer ongoing support and oversight through our knowledge, technology, and software partnerships.